By Michael Steinberg


I started off slow in New Hampshire with 21 votes. coming in 20th place. I was in 4th place in Georgia, picking up  1,759 votes or 0.2. percent.

In Arizona I received 2118 votes, .5 percent. Then in the Louisiana primary I dropped to 993, which was .3 percent.

In Oklahoma, I garnered 4167 votes, which was 1.2 percent of the vote. Finally, in California, I received 10, 746 votes, which was .2 percent.

In 2016, I received a total of 18,811 votes in the presidential preference primaries.

Because no high profile Democrat is challenging President Joe Biden in the primaries, a wealthy, lesser known candidate, could gain access to most primary ballots, and likely achieve the threshold of 15%, to acquire delegates. 

The experts say a Lesser Known Candidate can't win the Democratic nomination. However, in politics anything can happen, and the experts are often wrong.

Michael Steinberg

I was on the presidential primary ballot in 6 states in 2016, including New Hampshire, Georgia, Arizona, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and California. Click the state for the election results