By Michael Steinberg


My Platform

  • Balance the budget and reduce the national debt
  • Improve the efficiency of federal governmental agencies
  • Fill federal judicial positions with highly qualified judges, 
  • Ensure equality for all Americans
  • Protect individual rights
  • Support a trade policy that balances free trade and fair trade
  • Bipartisanship is a must. 

About MICHAEL A Steinberg

Michael A. Steinberg is an attorney that practices in the areas of Social Security and Veterans disability claims. He has handled thousands of claims at the administrative, as well as the federal appeals courts level.

Michael has been married to Miriam Steinberg for over 39 years. They have three daughters and two grandsons.

In 2004 Michael was a delegate to the Democratic National Convention. In 2008, he was chairperson of the Hillsborough County, Florida, Democratic Executive  Committee. 

Having observed the Presidential primary process for many years, in 2016, Michael decided to write a novel about a lesser known candidate running for president. As part of the learning process, he filed paperwork to run for President, and attained ballot access in 6 states. He also participated in the "Lesser Known Candidates Debate" in New Hampshire, in 2016.

After  6 years of intermittently working on his novel, the story is finally complete. It is recorded as an audiobook only, at this time. There is no charge to listen to the audiobook, however, every 30 minutes, there is a commercial for his law practice.

In October, 2023, Representative Dean Phillips, of Minnesota filed to run for President, challenging incumbent President Joe Biden. The political pundits say he has no chance to win the primary. But who knows, maybe the public is ready for a lesser known candidate for president.