By Michael Steinberg


* Since authoring this book, a lesser known candidate, Representative  Dean Phillips, has filed to run for President, challenging incumbent, President Joe Biden. Phillips eerily resembles the protagonist in my story!

Every four years, dozens of unknown Americans file paperwork declaring their candidacy for President. A few actually attain ballot placement on several state primary ballots. However, the cost and other hurdles of getting on the primary ballot in all states, territories, and Washington, D.C., runs into the millions of dollars. Without name recognition and institutional party support, a lesser known candidate has no chance. That is until now.

"The Lesser Known Candidate" is a fictional novel I wrote to explain the presidential primary process, in an educational, humorous, and entertaining manner.

The audiobook is free and on Youtube. It is performed by Noah Gardenswartz, professional television writer and comedian. I hope you enjoy the story.

​Michael Steinberg